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Boer Goats

Boer Goats


Kimmet’s Cuddly Bunch has expanded and added Boer Goats.

 We will be producing High Quality Full-blooded Boer Goats.

Percentage Boer Goats – Does, Bucks and Wethers.

We hope to have Fair Goats available again for 2014!


Dani and George.jpg Dani and dairy goat.jpg

Colin with White Socks.jpg

 Jas and George.jpg

Jasmine spoiling a new kid!

Noah and Eve.jpg

Noah spoiling a kid for Allen County Fair

Emilee with ribbon.jpg

Emilee placed 2nd in Born & Raised Weight Class and overall placing 7th.

 Charity with ribbon.jpg 

                                                                                        Charity’s goat placed 5th in all weight classes!   

Noah with ribbon.jpg

                                                                    Noah with Reserve Rate of Gain and his other goat placed 5th in Born & Raised Class


Jasmine at the fair.jpg

                                                                    Jasmine with her goat and placed 4th in Born/Raised Weight Class