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Boer Goats

Boer Goats


Kimmet’s Cuddly Bunch has expanded and added Boer Goats.

 We will be producing High Quality Full-blooded Boer Goats.

Percentage Boer Goats – Does, Bucks and Wethers.

We hope to have Fair Goats available again for 2014!


Great year at the Allen County Fair 2014!  Job well done!

Fair 2014 Noah and Harley.jpg

Noah with his goat who was Champion Weight of Gain 2014!

Placed 2nd in Market Class weight class but not overall!

Placed 2nd in Born/Raised class and overall 4th place!

Fair Johnny 1.jpg

Noah placed 2nd in Market weight class and 1st in Born/Raised weight class but not overall!

Fair Jack places 5th.jpg

Emilee placed 3rd in Showmanship

 Fair Henri places 1st-.jpg

Charity placed 1st in weight class and overall 10th in Born/Raised Class

 Fair Amber 1-.jpg

Charity’s first year with a Dairy and did well. Placed 4th in Showmanship!

Open Dairy show she placed 2nd in Showmanship!

Placed 1st in Nubian class but not overall!

Dani and Dixie.jpg

Dani with Dixie for showing

Colin in Pee Wee show 2014.jpg Chris showing Amber.jpg

Grandson Noah and Nephew Chris showing in Pee Wee Goat Show 2014! Great job boys!!

Dani and George.jpg Dani and dairy goat.jpg

Colin with White Socks.jpg

Jas and George.jpg

Jasmine spoiling a new kid!